Seven Motivational Tips from The Pro Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding has become an art in the modern world; some do it to feel good themselves, while some to make others feel good. Whereas making the perfect body requires more effort than one may think, however, it is the sum of a hell lot of hard work, consistency and motivation.

Most of the times when individuals aren’t getting their expected results, they run very short of motivation and definitely think about giving up. But when there is no pain, there is no gain!

If you’re falling short of incentive, take a look at the following tips!

  • Failure shouldn’t bring you down

There have been times where famous bodybuilders ended up injuring their muscles while doing bicep curls. However, that did not stop them from going on, they fell forward. Instead of making that a benchmark for their failure, they used it as a greater source of motivation to keep going.

The moment they knew they wanted to give up, they would flip their brain switch and make a mood to progress! This helped them in attaining excellent results.

  • Make your flaws your priority

As a body builder, one would be aware of the places where he falls short. He would know right where his weaknesses and strengths lie. It is better to work on your weak points, rather than the ones where you’re already excelling at, because that is what distinguishes a world champion from an ordinary body builder.

You don’t improve something that is already in good shape, rather you work on the weaker parts to make them better and bigger!

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  • Keep a goal for your reps

Usually bodybuilders opt for three to four sets of a movement. However, as far as chin ups are concerned, it is better to keep a specific aim as to how many one can do in a go.
Keep a target for your reps, rather than the sets you are doing. This leads to more work being done as you are not confining your work out to a number of sets, rather you’re doing it freely so the output would be greater.

  • Strength leads to size so work on that

It is extremely important that as a bodybuilder your priority is to gain strength and masculinity. If you have a good base of strength, then the size and shape of your body parts come automatically.

Strength complements mass. Try to build your threshold to its fullest (by focusing on increasing numbers), before you start working on your body.

  • Try the same exercise in different ways

Doing a similar movement from a different angle can really work in favour of your muscles, as it would boost your energy overall. An ideal example of this would be to put the barbell away and use dumbbells for an overhead press.

Not only is this switching your angle and giving your body room for diversity, but it is also giving you that extra stimulant you need; that too naturally. These minor differences in the way you conduct these exercises can prove to be far more beneficial than you think.

  • Protect yourself from excessive training

Excess of anything is never too good; rather it is bad for you. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. You might think that giving something your all will boost results, but this can turn out to the complete opposite of what you expect it to be.

Sometimes there are body parts which stop progressing because you are providing them with excess training. You are working out too much, too often and with a hell lot of force because of which your body parts are not relaxing, recovering and developing.

The only way to deal with this is to give your body and muscles the time to process the workout (recovery time). You can do this by taking days off.

  • Keep changing your workout pattern

Monotony never works out in any ones favour. There does come a point in our lives where we get tired of the routine we’ve been following; no matter how enthusiastic we were about it at the beginning.

Naturally, the same principle applies to working out. If you follow the same old routine for too long, it will not have the same impact, losing its charm. Dbal Review

You wouldn’t want to do it anymore. The solution to this is to get rid of the monotony. How? Switch! Change your workout routine if you feel that an exercise is not providing you the same level of satisfaction it did before.

Not only will this allow you to explore new dimensions of working out, instead  it will motivate you to strive further.

It is okay to lose motivation, but to regain it is an art!

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