Overcoming weight loss resistance

Just like every amazing thing in this world, losing weight is also not easy! It comes with a lot of effort, sacrifice, hard work and determination. You would want to eat your favorite bowl of chocolate ice-cream till it ends but obviously, you can’t do it.

You would want to have some frizzy drinks with your burger but as you are trying to shed some kilos, you obviously can’t afford to have it. However, there are times when you work really hard to lose your weight but even after many months, you can’t get rid of the extra flab from the various parts of your body. So what could be the reason behind the hindrance in losing weight? Read this article and get to know!

  • Metabolism problems:

Everybody is aware of the fact that at night, your metabolism system gets slow. People who end up eating in the night and can’t deal with the midnight cravings can’t lose their weight no matter how much they try. Eating in the night doesn’t lead to digesting your food rather; it stays in your body and is stored at various parts of the body as body fat. If you are really looking forward to losing weight, you have to stop eating in the night. Four hours before sleeping you need to have the last meal of the day and avoid eating anything after that.

However, you can definitely have green tea before you sleep as it will melt the fat stored in your body while you are asleep. To make your metabolism faster, you can take extra supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia. Made up of all the natural ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia makes it possible for you to lose weight easily.

  • Know your workout:

Everyone has a different kind of body and obviously, the same strategy to lose weight won’t work for everyone. The same thing goes for workouts! If some kind of exercise routine has worked for a friend of yours, it is not necessary that it would work for you as well.

You have to choose your workout routine according to your body type. Once you are aware of it, do not lose out on doing it every day. Regular exercise really helps you in losing weight and having a fit and healthy body.

  • You are not sleeping enough:

If you have a hectic job and a life that is filled with stress and anxiety, you are more likely to put on weight rather than getting rid of it. Stress leads to you wanting to eat more food which is mostly comfort food causing you to get more fats stored in your body.

Stress leads to resisting the loss of weight and if you really want to get rid of the flab, you have to sleep more and stress less. At least eight hours of sleep a day is necessary which will help you in having a peaceful body.

  • You are not eating healthy:

One thing that you need to understand is that it is not about eating less rather, it is all about eating healthy! Food with less carbs will help you but you need to distinguish between the right carbs and the bad carbs.

Getting carbs from healthy food items such as green leaves and fruits will help you more rather than getting them from the sugary items. Healthy eating will surely help you in overcoming all the resistance that comes in the way of losing weight and living a hale and hearty life.

  • Toxins in your body:

Another important reason why you can’t lose your weight no matter how much you try is an excessive amount of toxins inside your body. In order to lose weight, you need to lose the toxins inside your body first. This can be done by drinking lots and lots of water.

Along with that, another thing that you can do is to drink green tea or warm water having lemon and honey in it. This will flush out all the toxins from your body as well as the resistance to weight loss.

  • Hormonal imbalance:

Most of the timesthe reason women can’t lose their weight is hormonal imbalance. This should be checked quite early when you are working really hard but can’t lose your weight. Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia

A hormonal imbalance should be treated quite well by your doctor. Regular intake of the prescribed medicine and proper care will soon help you in overcoming this problem and you will be able to get rid of the extra flab.

  • Intolerance towards food items:

Intolerance towards certain kinds of food items is also something that acts as a resistance towards your weight loss mission. There are a number of items such as gluten, peanuts, sweeteners and others that lead to increasing the weight of your body and if you do not stop eating them altogether, you will never be able to lose weight. Therefore, it is necessary for you to identify the items that your body is not resistant to and ignore them as much as possible.

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