4 Myths about Nootropics Demystified

With the release of Bradley Cooper’s movie, ‘Limitless’ in 2011, people actually started wondering if there was such a pill that could increase their mental acuity to 100% and help them become a financial wizard just by taking a pill!

This movie brought a lot of attention to the cognitive enhancers/ nootropics. People were mystified with nootropics and some went to actually call it a miracle drug!

Though nootropics live up to their expectations, it is unfair to think that just by taking a pill, you can change your life! It is, after all, just a pill.

When you want to achieve a muscular physique, you work out regularly and take protein shakes and supplements. You do not wholly depend on those protein shakes and supplements to give you the physique you want, rather you work out methodically and on a regular basis. Similarly, to enhance your cognitive functions, you can not just depend on a pill to do your work for you!

Let us take a look at some of the myths surrounding nootropics so that you know what you are getting into!

Myth 1: Nootropics are The ‘Limitless’ Pills

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘Limitless’ pill to help us guide through the ups and downs of life? Rather, with a Limitless pill, we are bound to have an ‘Ups’ only life! Wishful thinking, isn’t it? While the movie did portray a man who stumbles upon a pill that makes him a financial wizard overnight, unfortunately, this does not apply to the nootropics! Nootropics have a well-rounded reputation of being the best cognitive enhancers in the market, with no toxic side-effects.

They improve memory, brain health, cognitive functions, enhance mood and also increase productivity and motivation. While these effects are well-documented, keep in mind that it is not a super pill, as depicted in the movie!

They give you an edge, but they are definitely not going to make you a multimillionaire or a genius overnight. So depending only on the pill to make an improvement in your life is plain wishful thinking!

Myth 2: If You Are Not Feeling Any Change, Then It is Not Working for You!

One of the greatest myths surrounding nootropics is that you can see and feel a change almost immediately after popping a pill. Remember, it is a regular pill, not a magic pill. You cannot expect to see a change in your attitude and your brain function, overnight! While there are claims that some people feel positive effects as soon as they take the pills, remember that everyone is different.

Each individual has a different and unique body chemistry and how the drug is metabolized and absorbed depends on the individual’s body! So keeping this in mind, some people might feel a difference within 15 minutes of taking the pill and some may not feel a difference for a few days!

Be patient and let the nootropics do their job! Give the pills at least a month before completely writing them off.

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Myth 3: All you Need is A Box of Nootropics and Your Life is Made!

Well, life would be super easy if we just had to take a weight-loss pill, sit back and relax and let it do its magic! Alas, we are not living in a fantasy land. For a weight-loss pill to work efficiently, we need to exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Just like a weight-loss pill, for a nootropic to work, we can not let go of a healthy and productive lifestyle and let it do its magic!

For a nootropic to work properly, you need to stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and get quality sleep. Granted that nootropics give you an extra push, but just by depending on nootropics to improve your life, is not going to work!

Myth 4: Nootropics Have no Side-Effects

Now this is a tricky one. It is both a myth and a fact. While nootropics, in general, have low toxicity and are well-known to have almost none of the toxic

side-effects, but this is a bit far from truth. We know that everyone has a unique body chemistry and it is not entirely impossible for some individuals to suffer from any side-effects.

It is always recommended that when you start using nootropics, start off with a smaller dose and then gradually increase it.

Always start with a safer drug. Some natural nootropics have been in use since traditional times and have all-natural ingredients. That said, remember, every one has a different body chemistry and how the drug reacts, depends entirely on that individual’s body.

Nootropics Are Just Like Any Other Drug. Before Taking Nootropics, Research Well and Get Yourself Updated About it!

It is Better to Be Well-informed Than to Be Misguided!